Optimise Your Outdoor Space

Optimise Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a small balcony or a nice large roof terrace, a boxy courtyard or a backyard, we all know that out-door space is limited here Malta, being a small island it stands to reason! You can however, with some thought and helpful tips, easily change your outdoor space into a relaxing haven for you and your loved ones to enjoy during these glorious balmy summer evenings.

Balancing out structure and nature is key here, get the right balance and your space becomes a mini urban roof / courtyard garden. However over-do it, and you space can feel smaller and more confined.  So, how to get it right; well In terms of colours, choose wisely and limit the palette to a few choices so that a coordinated palette of colours will create the illusion of a larger outside area that can flow from the inside to the outside effortlessly whilst also giving the space dimension and structure through the use of colour.

Another clever trick is the use of mirrors, as they provide a good way of giving the illusion of more space but they also bounce the light around the space creating light and shade and interesting shadows.  

Out-door furniture needs to be functional but also space saving. Modern plastics and PVC can be colourful, versatile and funky, whereas timber and ceramic furniture add a more classic and timeless look.  But what is essential is that what furniture you select is in proportion to the space you have to work with, so spend some time considering proportions.

In addition, by adding  a few well selected  plants and trees, or by simply planting some vegetables in raised veggie boxes, can make your outdoor space work harder for you in so many ways.  It gives character to the property, contributes to the family larder and even entertainment and leisure activities for all the family to partake in, watering vegetables and digging up your ripe home grown fare is great fun and very rewarding.

One tip that all Landscape Gardner’s and Designers alike advocate is;  make a plan for your outdoor space, and refine that plan until you are happy with the layout, the flow, the accessibility and the balance it offers  you.  Then select the colour palette, the space adding features like mirrors, the furniture and finally the plants, trees, flowers and / or veggies,  that fit with you lifestyle and you’re your taste.

Finally, if you are looking for property for sale in Malta, and consider out-door space as key criteria in choosing the right property, remember, the space does not have to be big, just extremely well planned out.

Published: 15 January 2016

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