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How to Maximise Your Small Space

How to Maximise Your Small Space

The Malta property market is booming and as a result property prices are increasing, which is great for homeowners. The downside is that land is becoming more expensive and properties are getting smaller and smaller while land prices increase. Therefore finding creative solutions to maximise every last corner of your home is vital to making the most of your property in Malta.

There are many tricks of the trade that Interiors Designers use to maximize space; one such principle is to use built-in and modular furniture. An inventive concept like this utilises space vertically as well as horizontally.

Streamlined furnishings are also a great way to emphasize space and this has become very popular as this fills hard to use or awkwardly shaped empty space.  Glass is a fantastic material often used in interior design, it defines separate areas but doesn’t isolate them, creating the perception of an open and spacious area.   

Another popular technique used to create the illusion of space is the use of mirrors, by adding reflective surfaces and mirrors that amplify the available light and space and create a luxurious feeling of openness.

Another effective space-saving trick is the use of multipurpose furniture and open plan living lends itself brilliantly to this principle.   Nowadays many apartments have open plan kitchen/living/dining areas and multipurpose furniture works great in this open configuration, a great idea is to have a sofa-bed in the living space, during the day it is used as a sofa and can be an additional sleeping space at night. Stylish breakfast bars can work fantastically as workstations; dining tables that fold down are also a great investment in open-plan spaces.

Monochromatic colour schemes are a great interior design principle and one that works brilliantly in a small space. It is essential that colours are close in tone and value, this does an impressive job of visually expanding a room as the eye is able to move through a room uninterrupted, creating the illusion of additional space and providing a nice natural flow to the area.

Quick and efficient ways of making the most out of your limited entrance space include ensuring the area is clean and tidy and focusing on keeping the space functional.  You can maximize the area by placing a bench or sitting area to remove shoes and leave bags when rushing in or out.

The kitchen is the heart of a property in Malta; you can maximize space by placing vertical shelving in your cupboards/pantry for increased storage or by using drawer organisers for tinned foods and food storage containers.

The bathroom is the most used room in your living space and is used by everyone at some point of the day.  Shared bathrooms can make use of open shelving and baskets under the sink for storage small beauty appliances can be stored behind the door when not being used. A shoe organiser can be hung on the back of the bathroom door to save space, as it can hold make-up, combs and brushes, jewellery and even accessories such as scarves and belts.

Your bedroom should your haven, a place to rest and escape from the world. Maximise space in your bedroom by ensuring that all your closets are used efficiently, store out-of-season clothing in storage containers or vacuum bags under the bed.  Invest in closet organisers that separate types of clothes, accessories and shoes.  A fantastic idea is a freestanding bedroom mirror that doubles as jewellery storage, allowing you to keep all your jewellery neatly organised and immediately available for the morning rush to get out the door!

If you have a small apartment don’t worry, in fact living in a smaller home has an advantage that you only keep what you need and use and have a lot less to clean!

Published: 08 January 2016

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