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How to Buy The Right Family Home

How to Buy The Right Family Home

Choosing one’s family home is no easy task, but neither should it be an unpleasant one, far from it. Whilst the thought may be daunting for many it’s a very exciting task were detailed preparation is key.

A number of factors quickly come into play when opting to start searching for ‘that right property’. Every family is different and has diverse tastes, needs and wants and desires, so these should be clearly thought out, and listed in order of priority for the entire family when looking for a property for sale in Malta.

Typically, factors that will fundamentally influence one’s home-buying search are; location, locality and neighbourhood, property type, price and affordability, resale value, external space and / or garage, and if applicable, perhaps an understanding of property improvement costs. Secondly one would further widen their home buying search to possibly include, view of ideal property layout, number of rooms and living spaces, number of bedrooms, whether the property is finished or not, abundance of light permeating within the property, the noise pollution factor.

Establishing the criteria for one’s ideal family home benefits from contribution and input of all family members, as each person’s unique perspective will help to provide a more comprehensive picture of the family’s future home, bearing in mind that even that what’s important or even critical for one family, maybe completely unimportant to the next family.  As this maybe will most likely be the most expensive asset you have, it’s important to do your preparation and be informed and educated when choosing a family home.

With this blueprint in hand, the next step should be to engage with a reputable Estate Agent in Malta, who will act as the key to finding you’re the right property for sale in Malta, and helping you purchase a family home to meets all your criteria. It is vital that the selected Estate Agent fully understands your home-buying criteria and an in order of priority for the family, so taking time to discuss, define, and refine your criteria is essential to making the home-buying experience as specific and effective as possible. 

Whilst viewing potential homes with one’s Estate Agent in Malta, it is wise to take notes and pictures about what liked and disliked about each property you view, and feed this detail back to your professional Agent.  

The process of finding one’s family home is often a fluid one, priorities can shift, wants and needs can change, often buyers will rationalise their buying criteria when the reality of what is available, in your chosen location at your budget come into. It is wise that even after successive viewings of properties with an your Estate Agent, the prospective buyers would request a second and even third viewing of some of the properties they liked, in order to re-evaluate the property against family

A further process to consider at this stage, might be to involve the expertise of one’s architect and / or builder who will make a detailed appraisal of the property and suggest alterations and improvements to suit the family’s needs.  With some clever amendments a home may be radically transformed without too much expense. For example, repositioning of internal doorways, utilising clever colours scheme, textured materials and quality finishes, improved lighting and other such alterations will go a long way in transforming the property to suit the family needs better.  In addition to improving the functionality and aesthetics of the property, it helps your family put their own, personal stamp on your new family home, in which your family to live happily in comfort.

With a thorough process of evaluation, define and refining of key criteria, good clear communication of said criteria to your chosen Estate Agent, you are in the perfect position to find and purchase you perfect family home. It is usually then down to the Estate Agent’s skill, experience and knowledge of what is available in the current market to match your criteria.  

Ultimately the choice of buying one property over another should always be considered from the point of view of value and suitability. The overriding question one must ask oneself is: What value and impact can such a property has on the quality of life of my family, and how suitable is in in terms of one’s affordability and aspirations?

Be guided by your trusted Estate Agent in Malta, who will walk you through every step of buying process to secure the right family home for you and your family, providing expertise advice and guidance all the way and ensuring you avoid any pitfalls.

Published: 01 January 2016

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