Houses for Sale

Houses for Sale

If Apartments are not your cup of tea, then perhaps you may be interested in larger properties such as Villas, Houses of Characters, and Terraced Houses in beautiful locations on our islands. Read more to get more information about Houses for Sale in Malta.

Depending on your budget and criteria, different areas may be suitable for you when it comes to buying a home for sale in Malta. Naxxar, Madliena and Mellieha have a number of Villas with pools while many typically traditional Houses of Character can be found on the outskirts of big towns, in areas such as Ghargur, Siggiewi and Rabat, surrounded by the serene countryside of our Mediterranean island.



Remodeling and Renovation

In recent years, old and abandoned properties in Malta have been taken up as projects for real estate investors with incentives being available from the government with a focus on UCA (Urban Conservation Area) properties. Sometimes, the buyer would be knocking the building down and rebuilding it, or else renovating it entirely from the inside-out. Renovating an old building can be a daunting task at first, until the changes begin to come together and you can visually see a great project in the making.

Had you dreamt of having a large pool in your back garden when you were little? A magnificent fireplace in the living room? The perfect home is a lifelong dream for many, and this is one way to achieve it from scratch, by investing in old and abandoned house buildings in Malta and Gozo you can make it a reality.

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Types of Houses for Sale in Malta



A Maltese Farmhouse is considered a traditional type of property found in the more rural areas of our Maltese Islands, with many similarities to that of a House of Character, except with added land area as a bonus which could make a great farm, stable, garden and pool area. These rustic houses are constructed from Maltese limestone and consist of beautiful traditional features such as wooden beams on the ceiling, typical arches separating rooms (usually living room/dining room/kitchen), and plenty of space and light. Some of these constructions are hundreds of years old and it can be a great rental investment, if bought to lease out to foreigners visiting Malta and Gozo. It is also very common to find many of the locals travelling from Malta to Gozo for a getaway in their Farmhouse during the Summer months. Click here to view Farmhouses for Sale in Malta and Gozo.



A Villa is typically a large property built over two or three floors with a pool, barbeque and garden area towards the back of the building (sometimes a front garden too), generally leaning towards a touch of luxury if not a full on high-end finish throughout. In luxury villas, anything from under-floor heating to fireplaces and indoor pools can be found. The Villa first originated from wealthy families in the Roman times and in fact we have our very own Roman Villa in the outskirts of Rabat that is open to visits by the oublic. Being usually-situated on a relatively large plot, villas also tend to have space for a spacious drive-in/garage fitting anywhere from 3-12 cars and some even an independent flat let. Villas are a common choice for locals as well as expats seeking a comfortable, new home and can be found all over the island with prices ranging drastically depending if the villas is located within a central area, or rather in the outskirts or big towns. Click here to view Villas for Sale in Malta and Gozo.



A Maltese bungalow is relatively similar to most bungalows across the world, the only difference being that recently the Malta Planning Authority has advised owners that bungalows are able to be across two floors, rather than just one as had been in the past. These types of houses can be found in detached and semi-detached forms, in beautiful residential areas typically with one or more of the following: garden, pool, large basement, flat let/s, garage. Click here to view Bungalows for sale in Malta and Gozo.

Published: 01 January 2018

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