Apartments for Sale

Apartments for Sale

The Maltese Islands offer a vast range of properties for sale or for rent with Apartments being one of the most sought-after homes. In today's trend, it is fashionable to own an Apartment due to the laidback lifestyle in Malta, that is gradually evolving into a metropolitan archipelago. Keep reading to find out more!

Apartments tend to be more convenient than having a larger home for some, since it may be more suitable when it comes to upkeep and space for smaller families and pets.

While first-time buyers tend to be attracted to entry-level apartments, investors and second-home seekers also have the opportunity of browsing through a vast choice of high-end apartments, penthouses and developments on our property database. Also, depending on your budget and criteria, different areas may be suitable for you when it comes to buying apartments for sale in Malta and Gozo.

Although Malta is a small country, we are sure that with our help you will be able to find the right property in the perfect location to suit your taste and budget. Whether you are interested in buying an exclusive penthouse in an upmarket area, a stylish apartment in the vibrant towns of St.Julians and Sliema, or a studio apartment to let out to other tenants, our dedicated consultants will match your requirements with the right property from our extensive database. Search Apartments for Sale to browse through all our available Apartments to buy on the market.

Types of Apartments

While many may think that Apartments come as simply Apartments, there is a vast selection of different types available on the market, suitable for all types of buyers in the Maltese Islands. Your home options vary dramatically depending on your budget, preferred location and type of Apartment with a choice of Duplexes, Triplexes, Studios and Penthouses being just some of the types of Apartments available.


Penthouse Apartment (also known as a Penthouse) is an Apartment on the top floor of an Apartment block. Penthouses are usually sought-after by luxury-loving individuals as they are typically designer-finished with luxury features/accents throughout and include splendid views of either the Mediterranean Sea or the Maltese countryside. A recent change in the law provides any buyer purchasing a Penthouse in Malta, an option of buying their airspace on top of their property by applying for a permit to build another floor on top of their Penthouse, if they wish.


A duplex is an Apartment that consists of 2 floors, and a triplex is an Apartment in a building of flats that consists of three floors, usually being a Penthouse right at the top of a block of Apartments. The floors may be unique in that the second or third level is for sleeping only, or they may feature actual floors with bathrooms on each level.

Garden Apartment

A garden Apartment is an apartment with access to a garden. This is not the most common type of flat in Malta, however they are found on the ground floor of Apartment blocks, in which the flat would lead out into the common area garden/park of the area. An example of this is the PenderGardens Special Designated Area. A garden Apartment offers the convenience of having guests over with ease of access into the common park/garden area.


A studio is a type of Apartment, smaller in size than normal one-bedroom Apartments with an open-plan style, meaning no doors separating rooms from each other, having all areas of the home connected including kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Studios are convenient for a single person or a couple moving into their first home, especially if one wants all the necessities a normal Apartment has at a lower cost.

One-bedroom/Two-bedroom/Three-bedroom +

A one-bedroom Apartment is larger than a studio with the biggest difference being that a studio has an open-plan area, while a one-bedroom Apartment has its own bedroom separating it from the rest of the space with a door. The cost of a one-bedroom Apartment is more than a studio because of this reason.

Apartments can also come with more than one bedroom, suitable for larger families or room-mates sharing the property between themselves. A two-bedroom Apartment usually has a main room and a spare room with either one single bed, one double bed, two single beds, or bunk beds, making it a great option for a couple with one or two children, wanting to live in a convenient space. The more rooms an Apartment has, the more space one can have to use the rooms as spare bedrooms, or even as a personal studio/workplace/library.


Costs involved when buying an Apartment

To buy an Apartment, one needs to keep in mind a number of different costs involved with the purchase, some upfront and others recurring even after owning the property.

  • 10% of purchasing price to be put down as a deposit for the Apartment, payable during the Convenium
  • If purchasing the property in the Maltese Islands through a real estate agency, agency fees would be required to be paid
  • Stamp Duty of 5% on the first €150,000 of the immovable property price is to be paid (Permanent Maltese and EU residents, using this Apartment as their primary home), and any amount over €150,000 at 5%. Non-permanent residents and non EU citizens are requested to pay 5% of the total value of the property.
  • 1%-2.5% of the apartment purchase price for notary fees
  • The vendor of the Apartment would need to pay all broker’s fees
  • A fee if €232.94 is payable to the Ministry of Finance if the Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) Permit is required.
  • If a mortgage has been taken out through a bank to pay for the full amount of the property price, then load payments would need to be made monthly including interest payments for the amount of years the mortgage is taken out for anywhere from 10-30 years approximately.
  • Home furnishings – If your Apartment is in shell form or unfurnished, then you would have a couple of expenses in regards to fitting and furnishing your new home. On another hand, if you had a previous home and are planning on moving your existing furniture and finishings to your new Apartment then there will also be moving costs involved when renting a large truck and a team of helpers to assist in transferring the furniture.
  • Maintenance – be aware that after purchasing your Apartment, there may be times that objects and certain elements will need to be repaired every now and then, these have their own expenses. At another point in your life, you may also decide to renovate and improve your home, this again is an extra expense.
  • Home Insurance
  • Home Utilities such as water, electricity, gas, TV and internet, and others depending on what type of Apartment you will be owning in Malta.
Published: 01 January 2018

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