Property for Sale

Property for Sale

Chestertons Malta has an extensive owner/client relation history, this is handed over from Chestertons London, one of the largest network of branches in England's city Capital. This strong international presence, has been passed onto our property specialists that will do their best to assist you to browse through all the available properties for sale in Malta and Gozo.






Questions To Ask Before Buying Property

Buying property for sale in Malta may seem complicated at first, since there are many various factors one needs to consider. This is the reason we have compiled the list below, for you to make a clear decision without any problems.

When looking to buy a property in Malta, ask yourself:

  • What type of property am I interested in?

    You may be interested in a studio, apartment, maisonette, villa, the choices are endless.

  • Do I want it on plan?

    If you do not want to necessarily move into a new home or office space just yet, you may want to consider buying a property on plan. The benefits are endless from having the ability to change the structure/plan of the property to your own needs and wants, only paying 10% of the purchase price until the property is completed and the purchase price will increase in a couple of years once you have settled in, bringing about an investment opportunity.

  • Do I want it in shell form?

    Purchasing a property in shell form may benefit you if you are not in a rush to move into your new home right away, just as a property on plan. There is usually a significant difference in price from a fully-furnished and fully-finished property compared to one in shell form and the funds saved from the difference could make a great investment in furnishing the property to your likes.

  • Am I looking for a furnished or unfurnished property?

    The difference between a furnished and an unfurnished property is a big one. You are able to move into a furnished apartment easily with all the furniture and amenities right within the home without the need to purchase any other furniture or items to live in the property. On the other hand, an unfurnished property may benefit others that already own a home and would like to use the same furnishings they have invested in previously. 

  • What location would I like to live in?

    Malta is a small island, however despite its size, there are numerous locations offering a range of amenities and landscapes to suit all clients' needs.
  • What type of amenities would I require close-by?

    Supermarket? Gym? Work? Access to the sea? Access to the countryside? Public transport?...

  • Are there any specific services I may need?

    Additional Security? Housekeeper? Caretaker?...

  • How many bedrooms should the property have?

  • How many bathrooms should the property have?

  • What is my budget?

  • How will I be financing my purchase?

    Savings? Mortgage?

  • Are there any tax and financial schemes and incentives that may be available to me?

    First Time Buyer Scheme, the no need for an AIP Permit for expats buying property in Special Designated Areas (SDA), Micro Invest Tax Credit Scheme, Urban Conservation Area Scheme, Rental Tax Scheme and the Malta Residence and Visa Programme, among others.

  • When would I like to buy my new property?

  • When was I thinking of moving into the new property?

  • Will I need to arrange anything once I have bought the property?

We understand that every area, every property and every client is different and that one size doesn’t fit all, so while many agents focus purely on their sales processes, exceptional agencies like Chestertons Malta also focus on their people and on delivering a truly excellent service to each and every one of its clients, investing time to assist in finding the right residential home or commercial space. Once you have gone through any questions you may have had and decided on the property you would like, the procedure is fairly simple and straight forward. 


Buying Property Procedure

We have specifically written an article offering you a step-by-step view of how to buy property in Malta. Click here for more information.

Buying Property Expenses

There are a number of expenses that come hand in hand with purchasing a property in Malta, and we have compiled the below list to make it as straightforward as possible for you:

  • Notary Fees cost approximately from 1%-2.5% of the property purchase price
  • All broker’s fees are paid by the vendor
  • If the Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) Permit is needed, a fee of €232.94 is payable to the Ministry of Finance
  • Deposit of the property is usually 10% of the purchasing price and payable during the ‘Konvenju’
  • 3.5% of Stamp Duty is to be paid on the first €150,000 of the immovable property price (applicable to Maltese and EU citizens taking up permanent residency in Malta, using their new property as their primary residence), and any amount over €150,000 at 5%. Non-permanent residents and non EU citizens are requested to pay 5% of the total value of the property.
  • Recognition Fee equivalent to one year’s ground rent to be payable on immovable property subject to ground rent if applicable
  • Agency Fees, if buying a property in Malta through a real estate agency

For financial assistance, taking up a home loan/mortgage is a common option for many property purchasers, both locals and expats alike. We have pride in our reliable and high level of banking in Malta, which can be found at the following local banking corporations: Bank of Valletta, HSBC, Banif Bank, APS Bank, Volksbank, FCM Bank, Lombard Bank, MedBank and Sparkasse Bank.

Besides having the opportunity to find houses and apartments for sale in Malta, Chestertons offers a buy-to-let service in which people buy apartments and houses for sale in Malta specifically to rent them out, which brings a significant return on investment. If a rental investment is what you are looking for, be sure that Chestertons Malta will be able to provide that service for you.

We suggest that to get a clear idea of what type of properties are currently available on the market, you could search and browse through our extensive database in the search option on the right side panel of our website or directly on our advanced search. We provide the ability to search properties by location, price range, and type of properties including houses, apartments and penthouses for sale in Malta along with many others.


Property Value in Malta

In a booming market the price of property in Malta is defined by various number of factors.  Similar to other countries but with a dash of Maltese culture.  These are namely:

  • Location - which is mainly the first factor that keeps a property's value, especially if it enjoys sea views or if the property is right on the sea front.
  • Any Type of property in Malta, be it an Apartment, Terraced House or detached villa and Office may be valued by evaluating it's current state of finish and maintenance, age, number of rooms, internal and external size and amenities that could be a pool, garage, yard and/or garden.

The Maltese Islands have been seeing an outstanding amount of developed land.  The interest of building new projects is constantly on the rise.  Joseph Alois Schumpeter a legendary Austrian-born American  economist once said “If desire for goods increases while its availability decreases, its price rises. On the other hand, if availability of the good increases and the desire for it decreases, the price comes down”.

Malta is enjoying its best wave of interest and the investments haven't stopped yet.

For more information, visit Buying Your New Home in Malta.

Published: 01 January 2018

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